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A media personality and domestic violence advocate who has dedicated her life to spread the message to all survivors that loving yourself unconditionally is possible. 

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I hope you find healing... The first step was visiting this page. The Goddess Gang movement (formerly Pain Into Power / The Beast Within) is inspired by survivors, whether you are a survivor of domestic violence or sexual abuse, whatever it is, you survived and you are here. The Goddess Gang is my mission. It is my heart and soul. I know it's not easy to heal being a survivor of both, experiencing the ups and downs and let's be honest, it never just "goes away" and you can never just "get over it." Those physical and mental scars are with us forever but it depends on what we do with it and how we handle it.


Scars show strength, scars show healing, scars show struggles, scars tell a story. What is yours? What is your story and your message after you experienced these traumatic situations? What are you going to do about your triggers and your pain? Are you going to turn your pain into power or are you going to sit there with it, not face it and let it eat you up inside? Are you going to let it control your life or are you going to take control of the situation and come out stronger in spite of it? Are you going to find the strength to claw out The Goddess Gang?

 Here's my message: The people/person who hurt you were projecting their pain and insecurities onto you. They saw the light within you and it bothered their darkness. They let their emotions pent up into anger. Do not be that person. That toxic, narcissistic person who was only breaking someone down because he or she was not comfortable in his/her own skin. They mentally and emotionally abused you because they could not rise up to your level, to your standards. The mind games are just as traumatic as the physical injuries, destroying everything from your self esteem to your happiness. Calling you worthless, making you feel ugly as if you weren't sh*t. Well let me tell you something - they knew your worth, they just didn't want you to know it. They knew you deserved better, they just couldn't be it.


You cannot heal if you keep running away from what hurt you. You have to turn around and face it. You have to look it in the eye and be determined to fight those demons or they will forever chase you around. This is why it is important to take care of you, to spend time with just yourself, to feel your emotions. It starts here and it starts now. We are healing, we are loving ourselves, we are building self confidence, we are walking the walk and flexing with self love. We are sexy. We are beautiful. We are amazing. We are Queens. We are Goddesses. We are #SURVIVORSTRONG

The Goddess Gang is a safe space for women to share their experiences and speak up about their traumas to those who relate. We hold self defense camps, meditation classes and healing circles (now virtually but will resume after Covid-19). There are blogs regarding healing methods with much more to come. ​Please check out the Survivor Stories below. You are not alone, we are Survivor Sisters. 

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Survivor Stories