• Amber Le

Consider It Moving!

Updated: Aug 23

Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away from a situation that is no longer serving you. I can always walk away peacefully from anything or anyone knowing I gave it my all. My boundaries have been a lot stronger this year. I've dealt with enough pain and I am emotionally burnt out. I started noticing when my energy would be depleted the very next day. I was pouring out way too much of myself without replenishing my own cup.

People make it clear how they feel about you. Pay attention to their actions. Imagine being at peace with your life and someone comes and disrupts the stable foundation you created for yourself and your own solitude? When you're continuous hurt by the people in your life, why would you want to be so accessible to them? I promise you, I'm getting called into a new chapter and it's time to clear out what doesn't make sense and welcome what does.

I've been catching myself down the shore more, being one with the waves and the sand, frolicking in the water and soaking up the sun. It brings me peace and it has me thinking, what if it's time to relocate? Whether it's the same state or a different one? What can help me grow and flourish into the woman God needs me to be.

I deserve a clean slate from the heartaches and heartbreaks. Maybe a new environment is what is in the near future for me. Some chapters of your life include changing up your hair while others include a new ambiance. Now that it's on my mind and I put this into the universe, I want to introduce you to a Long Island local moving company called Consider It Moving that originated in 2018. Everything we do over here at The Goddess Gang always comes from the heart and their story of success is one to dive deeper into.

Consider It Moving was founded by two friends Michael Rosenberg and Andrew Laneve. It's a loading and moving business that serves the tri-state area, including local tasks and long-distance moves. After they finished community college in Nassau County, Mike and Andrew would hang out quite often. They began complaining about their work while helping Andrew pack to move out of his aunt and uncle's house one day while they were hanging out together. They thought of the notion to start Consider It Moving as they were preparing to go home.

Mike and Andrew discussed how expensive moving was, as well as the experiences their parents and friends had. There were a shortage of high-quality movers in Nassau and Suffolk Counties that didn't overcharge. Mike and Andrew started offering moving services soon after the family move. They enjoy assisting customers with loading or unloading hefty pieces of furniture or boxes, which may lead to the creation of their own Long Island mover company down the road. The company also has expanded to New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey and Connecticut. Below are a few good reasons to consider it!

  1. Cost Effective - It will cost you less to hire a moving company rather than move yourself. Moving by yourself consumes more money, time, and effort than hiring a moving business. For example, while DIY moving entails purchasing packing supplies as well as making sure you have adequate energy and time to finish everything before your relocation date, hiring a professional service is less expensive. Offloading your belongings also takes time and energy.

  2. Protect Your Belongings - A reliable moving company will have you sign a contract before they begin to transport or pack your belongings. This is to protect customers in the event that something becomes damaged during transit. For example, if a mover accidentally slips and falls with one of your boxes, you can be rest assured knowing that your personal items are covered by the contract.

  3. Great Customer Service - A good moving company always has their client's best interest in mind. From the first call to the final destination, they operate with excellence and precision. Their team of movers are competent and well-trained, making sure your belongings are safe during transit. They will also respond to any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner.

  4. Saves You Time - The process of packing and decluttering your property for moving can take quite a bit of time. And if you're like most people, you value your time and don't want to waste it on an inconvenient move. The best solution is to hire professional movers who will save you time and stress.

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