• Amber Le

Defining Discernment

Have you been moving with discernment? It's all a part of your growth that comes hand in hand with emotional intelligence. This topic was inspired by a very close friend of mine as we were talking one day about how bad energy affects everything it comes into contact with and if you don't ground yourself, it might just throw you off track.

I've been sitting here wondering what is this weird energy that has been looming in the air beside the eclipse throwing people off balance. it's that uncomfortable feeling of outgrowing certain things around you whether it's people, places, hobbies, etc.

Whoever and whatever triggers your anxiety is not someone or something you should be around. Pay attention to how you feel when someone communicates with you or when you're around someone and you feel drained.

If you feel like your anxiety is acting up around somebody, that's your spirit telling you that your soul is bothered by that person's energy. You need to cleanse your energy and until you do that, that heavy emotional weight is going to stay with you until then. Remove yourself from what and who no longer serves you.

Listen to your intuition when it's trying to speak to you. I don't ever question my instincts anymore because my friends will tell you I am damn near psychic. I can read vibes and I can read the room. It all comes with trusting that voice in your head and grounding yourself. Along with healing your solar plexus chakra. You should never be questioning your own self.

Life is rough as it is. Don't make it harder on yourself by not knowing when to distance yourself and when to set boundaries. Anybody who loves you unconditionally will understand.