• Amber Le

EPISODE 10: Kickin' It with Marquette King

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

You can't discuss punters in the NFL without mentioning Marquette King's name and has been dubbed as "The Greatest Punter Alive." Staying true to his name, the former Raider shares his side of the story and expresses his thoughts on what has been going through his head. As he continues preparing to break the punter record that has stood untouched for 77 years, he also emphasizes on how important it is to cater to his mental health, especially as an athlete and now, a music artist. He is showing up in his purest form for this conversation as he speaks about shedding tears in the midst of his career and being overlooked when it comes to opportunities regarding the punter position. He opens up about where he stands when it comes to the league.

"I'm so close to breaking this record and I don't even care about the money, I never cared about the money. I never cared about playing in the NFL... I just found joy in kicking the ball. So my goal is to get back and I want to break this record. All I have is just .8 yards and I'll break the best punt average overall."

King also takes us on his musical journey as he dives into a different realm of entertainment including acting. He's been producing beats since high school days and fell back once football took over but once he was on the road, when King wasn't dedicating his time to the field, he released his emotions through music after practices. He walks us through how he started delving in the EDM genre starting with how the music you listen to on a daily basis influences your reality. His most recently released music video "Country California Girl" has racked up over 600K views and counting. "Everybody impacts people in their own way" and King's main focus is to make sure people have a better day. Listen to the podcast episode below (also available on Apple & Spotify) and be sure to check out his music by subscribing to his YouTube Channel.