• Amber Le


In order to be in my life, you need to align with my life.

Y'all wanted me to get more personal and so here I am with it as Alicia Keys' "Diary" plays in my head. The first step towards healing is being heard. To everybody who is trying to claw out The Beast Within, I'm going to tell you right now that if it doesn't align with the path that God / Universe put you on... If the people in your life are not adding to your happiness, your peace or your bank account - they need to go. I do not have the time to sit here and question my self worth anymore. I did it before and I'm never doing it again because I am good enough, I've been good enough and I always will be good enough in ANY aspect of my life - whether it's friendships, relationships or business. What we are not going to do is give someone so much power over our emotions that we start doubting who we are and what we're worth.

Stop comparing yourself to the IG models, strippers, influencers, etc. Keep in mind, majority of their bodies are surgically altered (there's nothing wrong with this but if you choose the natural route, stop tormenting yourself with unrealistic comparisons), majority of the pictures floating down your timeline are either filters or edited so do your sanity a favor and learn to love who you are, as you are and who you will be. I know social media makes everybody's life seems so picture perfect but that's far from what's going on behind the scenes. Everybody has their own struggles, everybody is fighting their own battles, everybody is healing in their own way (at least I hope so). Once you learn your purpose and you walk within your purpose, you'll realize God assigned everybody their own paths so stay in your lane before you trip yourself up trying to get into someone else's. God has a special mission for all of His children so be kind to yourself.

Focus on you. Love you. Take care of you. Elevate and evolve. Whatever doesn't belong, needs to go. Whatever is not sent to be a blessing, needs to go. I know we're never going to stop learning but what I am tired of is learning the same lessons over and over. Nah - we're graduating from that class. If you're reading this, it's already clear you've been healing yourself from your past traumas so why would you go backwards? Why would you entertain the thought of letting peasants into your kingdom to fuck up how far you've come and what you've built? Let the clowns roam around in the circus while you sit on your throne. Check out the new podcast episode below & Let's Get PERSONAL. The podcast is also available on Apple & Spotify so be sure to subscribe!

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