• Amber Le

Episode 2: "Serial Entrepreneur" Bee Papino Shares Advice & Resources

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather. I'm sick of the winter already, I need some sunshine in my life. As I said in my most recent blog, we are celebrating Women's Month in March so I will be releasing episodes for my girls featuring the most amazing ladies in the industry. For the second episode, I have Bee Papino a.k.a Queen Bee. She has been conquering every endeavor of hers starting with We Are Jersey Magazine where she provides a platform for the talented and the creative all across the Garden State. She shared her story of losing her parents and being left with nothing which is what ignited her fire to become a full time entrepreneur.

Papino sits down with me to discuss her business ventures in entertainment, management and real estate. She drops gems regarding what every entrepreneur should know, what every aspiring model should look for and shares numerous resources to help get business owners organized and on top of their game. She told us about 20 apps to pick and choose from that every entrepreneur should have under their belt.

Check the episode out below, it's also available on Apple and Spotify! Feedback is more than welcome, we would love to hear your thoughts and whatever else you would like us to address. Be sure to subscribe to the website and the podcast! New episode drops every Thursday at 4:20 PM!