• Amber Le

Episode 3: JMad Talks 'Good At Running' From Herself, Surviving Abuse and Teen Advocacy

The one thing I have always been told about my interviews is that they're actual conversations. There's a bond I like to create before just asking someone to hop on the mic for The Beast Within. This episode hit home. As we broke down Jasmine Madison's "Good At Running" book, she got personal and spoke about her abuse, "I felt as though God wasn't seeing me. Am I going through all of this because I'm being punished? Is God punishing me?" She emphasizes on how she was trying so hard to do right and looking for answers after surviving rape, domestic violence and child abuse. She told herself she was not going to be another statistic by falling into the stereotype.

We both had a deep conversation regarding expectations, comparing ourselves to others on social media. and the damage it does when people romanticize having someone else's life. At the end of the day, you need to live life for you and stop worrying so much about other people's opinions of you. Opinions and judgement does not pay your bills so pay that negative shit no mind. Nobody is out here screaming out their failures, very few are going to "keep it real" with the internet about the struggles they go through. You know why? Because people don't care until you succeed. So feel what you have to feel, release it by writing and journaling it but don't let it consume you. Nobody is going to support you until you make it and those who are doubting you are only shaming you because of their own inability to take risks. Do what you have to do for yourself and don't let anybody get in the way of that.

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