• Amber Le

Episode 6: Natalee Gilbert Explains Why Her Pen Game Is Unmatched

Everybody always loves to throw the word "humble" in your face and I never understood why. Of course you should show gratitude when it comes to all of your blessings but what's wrong with talking your shit every once in a while? Reminding people who are you every now and then? Fueling that fire they tried to put out so many times? That's what we are doing today as I release an episode that I recently recorded with Natalee Gilbert, one of Hip Hop's best bloggers as she walks us through her journey towards success in music and media.

In a male dominated field, the name "Natalee Gilbert" rings bells with the 2 E's at the end. This super sweet soul, raised in Jersey is here to make a difference in the rap game while leaving her legacy as one of the industry's top journalists. What started out as several internships has now evolved into a career that involves doing what she loves: breaking down lyrics, dissecting a beat and sharing her thoughts on artists' projects. Not only has she created her own platform, The Fresh Finds - she also writes for some of the industry's most notable blogs such as FM Hip Hop, Rap Fiesta, Young Atlas, The Feature Presentation and more.

A little over 2 years ago, Natalee applied for an internship with me for DJ Suss One's The Feature Presentation. If you don't already know, I am the Editor In Chief of that platform. As soon as I read the first paragraph of her writing samples, I was ecstatic and put her on the "must hire" list. After working together for an expanded period of time, we became a team and a family. Watching Natalee grow into the woman she has become today (and still being able to witness her rising talent) has been such an honor.

Take a listen below as we speak upon her journey as a writer. Now available on Apple and Spotify!