• Amber Le

EPISODE 7: The Infused Boil Combines Cannabis & Crab Legs (Another Pothead Giveaway)

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The Infused Boil has become one of Jersey's hottest delicacies since they first launched. Female Founders Raven and Germise sat down with me as we discuss how strong their relationship is and going into business together to create Jersey's new favorite delicacy for every pothead and foodie. The Infused Boil has taken over the Garden State and they want all the smoke when it comes to everything seafood mixed with the perfect amount of THC, making their mark in the food industry like it has never been done before.

It was a whole entire vibe chatting it up with the ladies as they walked me through how the idea even came to fruition along with the struggles they had to face during the pandemic. Everybody thinks being an entrepreneur is so easy because no one ever really shows the struggles behind the scenes. Germise and Raven brought up the beautiful masquerade they put together and all the difficulties they faced that very same day. Despite the weather, the venue and the restrictions, the masked up party was a huge success and has everyone begging for more. From upcoming events to new menu additions, we cover it all as they announce their one year anniversary being celebrated family cookout style on 4.20 from 4-8PM! Visit www.theinfusedboil.com to place your orders, there will be drinks, food and you know damn well I don't have to tell you there's going to be hella weed.

Speaking of, are y'all ready for the next giveaway?! The girls and I got together to give our potheads something more to look forward to when Tuesday hits. As if endless amounts of blunts and joints wasn't enough, we're going to be giving away a $25 gift card that can be applied to any purchase when you order from The Infused Boil. The guidelines are super simple, just listen to the episode and email me your favorite line from the podcast at amberle@thebeastwithin.co ! It's free money and free food, where could you possibly go wrong? So be sure to check it out and subscribe for more podcast episodes (available on Apple & Spotify), blogs and information! The winner will be announced on Mother's Day, May 9th!