• Amber Le

EPISODE 8: Surviving Cancer & Healing Through Weed

I always hear stories regarding people who have medical problems and how marijuana has been a huge help but I have never been able to speak to a survivor directly. In honor of 4.20, I dropped The Bakery Genetics episode to emphasize on the benefits of marijuana, mental health wise and physical. Nathaniel Baker and his partner, Amanda a.k.a Latina sat down with me to share the story of how he was diagnosed with live cancer, refused chemotherapy and survived which inspired The Bakery Genetics.

For some reason, people believe smoking weed is the worst habit in the world. "iT mAkEs yOu LaZy..." uhm if you have baby lungs, just say that. Now that marijuana has been legalized, a lot of people are coming out of the wood works and embracing their pothead-ness. I've embraced this for years because let me tell you what it's done for me. It increases my appetite, it eases my anxiety, it helps me focus and helps my creativity. Now, I have proof that it cures cancer. Y'all can't tell me a damn thing about marijuana anymore.

Nate and Amanda both tell their sides of the story regarding his journey beating cancer. During this episode, we emphasized on Men's Mental Health as well and how important it is to have an outlet, a safe space to vent whether it be your partner, your family member or your friend. Society has normalized men being viewed as "weak" when they discuss their emotions when what we should be doing is normalizing men being able to communicate how they feel without judgement. Amanda mentioned how Nate didn't immediately tell her about his medical issues until a little later. As women, we do our best to be there for the men in our lives but there's only so much we can do to comfort when majority of the time, you do not speak out. Listen to the episode below if you haven't already. Don't forget to keep scrolling to read about The Bakery Genetics raffles!

With all the craziness in the world, The Beast Within's mission has always been to give back. We focus on Domestic Violence Awareness and now, we are also including #StopAsianHate. Ever since the pandemic started, there has been a rise in Asian hate crimes and everyday, I see a new incident where a person of Asian decent is attacked whether they are male, female, young, old - it's been out of control. Sometimes it's too much for me to even wrap my head around and I'll have to disconnect from my phone for a few. It makes me extremely angry inside but this isn't about me right now. What I am going to do is channel all this anger and emotions I have and put it towards helping. I cannot thank Nate and Amanda enough for their generosity and just wait on it, because we have another announcement coming in 6 months! If you are interested in joining any of the raffles, please see the details below and email me at amberle@thebeastwithin.co with any questions or concerns. We will be announcing how to join at The Bakery Genetics!

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