• Amber Le

EPISODE 9: Spiritual Guidance, Healing & Manifestation

ANNOUNCEMENT! We are doing another giveaway and this time, it is a FREE READING from Mary Love, one of Jersey's well known psychic mediums and spiritual healer who has done numerous events with me and The Beast Within. There are many reasons people seek readings and it is mostly to give ourselves a better sense of direction. No - this is not one of those "I can predict your future" type of readings, it's to find answers that you may have been looking for. Many benefits come along with getting a reading, we do not recommend constantly relying on readings and letting life play out by itself but if you are interested in diving more in depth into your self-discovery journey or just need a little guidance when you're feeling lost, this is a great opportunity and let's not forget - it's completely free of charge. Every reading for every person is different and is based on your own experience. For me, Mary has helped me during the darkest of times and I was just feeling completely out of it and not knowing what to do, where to go or how to feel. She has clarified a lot for me regarding my own healing journey. Let's love ourselves enough to want better for ourselves. I highly recommend that if any of this resonates with you - that you sign up for our giveaway and it's super easy. And yes, even if you are not in Jersey, she will be able to read you via phone so no matter where you are located, you can join.


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Now let's talk about this episode that you all highly demanded from me. We touched upon protecting your energy from those who drain you. It doesn't matter how long they have been in your life - if they are toxic, you need to set your boundaries and put your own needs first. You cannot function at your best if you are depleted so be sure to recharge. Mary emphasized on the importance of grounding yourself as to not let the outside world affect you too much. The more grounded you are, the more control you have over your own actions and emotions because remember, you can only control you. And of course, we had to give you all different ways to manifest so please find whatever works best for you and don't forget, manifesting also comes with hard work. Manifesting is also considered prayers in my eyes, nothing moves in the universe without the grace of God. Look out for Part 2 where she talks about her new book "Triggers Are The Guides Part 1" available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Mary Love will also be speaking at our upcoming (Domestic Violence Awareness) Survivor Sisters event, June 12th at Bentley's so if anybody is interested in attending, please shoot me an email. She will also be at the Lunar Faire on June 10th in Oakland, NJ and July 9th!