• Amber Le

Greetings Goddess Gang!

This next chapter is called Elevation as we embrace all things beauty and healing. I've been feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. This whole time, I had no idea and then it dawned on me right before the eclipse that I was going through a major transformation period (yup... again). I was shedding my old skin. Full transparency, I was depressed but still functioning. I got things done but the passion seemed to have died because my heart was closed off, not because I lost the love for what I do. So I did a thing...

I want to start off by saying why I chose the Goddess Gang... I was brainstorming ideas for a project that I am currently working on with one of my spiritual sisters. It's still a little premature so we will discuss in further detail at another time. As I was playing around with words, this came to my mind and it didn't leave. I promised myself to stop doubting my thoughts and ideas and to begin executing the minute it came to my mind and I did just that. Of course, I wrote it down first and then began plotting. Here she goes rebranding again... Ya damn right because listen... hear me out. We are moving through different stages in our lives. I wanted something cute and pretty but also badass at the same time that really screamed: unapologetically me.

I don't want to be a beast anymore. I don't want to be this angry little thing. Anger is not an emotion that I want to fuel me. I want to be soft and safe, I want to be adored yet respected. Think about it, men set out to hunt after beasts when they see it as a threat but when do you ever see people treating a god or goddess in such a way? Goddesses are powerful creatures without acting out of anger or uncontrolled emotions. A goddess is immortal representing a legacy that will never die. I have never seen a real boss ass bitch who didn't want her name to ring bells and live on forever for the amazing things she's accomplished.

Now this whole message is to embrace the goddess in you, we are all God's children, there is God within us making us gods and goddesses. We have the ability to obtain whatever we want as long as we believe in ourselves to get it. Our powers are being able to fulfill our desires, goals and dreams. Our powers are moving with love and sincerity, in being authentic and vulnerable. Women are maternal by nature, we are caring and kind. We are stronger than those who have hurt us. We are so strong that we can move onward and not become the slightest bit like them. Better... not bitter.

Every goddess has a story. What's yours? I would love to feature some amazing goddesses on the site once I get everything settled. In the meantime, don't be afraid to reach out on our IG at @thegoddessgang__ ! Please excuse the appearance of the site for a while as we rebrand! For those of you wondering, the artwork I am using for my header design is from Green Palace!