• Amber Le

Healing & Believing You Deserve Better

Healing is a never-ending process. You're going to have good days and you're going to have bad days. You're going to be triggered and you're going to react but here is the harsh reality. No one is responsible for your healing except for you, no one should be tiptoeing around your triggers. it's up to you to do the work. it's up to you to get up everyday and tell yourself that you're going to be a better person for yourself, for your partner, for your kids, for your family, for your friends, for the world, especially in a world where society makes it so hard to love yourself. Do not become those who hurt you. You're better than that.

God wraps His arms around His children when we need it the most. If you're confused, pray on it. If you need a listening ear, pray to Him. If you need strength, pray on it. I've gotten closer to God these past couple of years and let me tell you, I can't even fathom how much He has protected me from. Sometimes, you wonder where is God... the teacher is always silent during the test but He is still there and He is still watching over you. When you're feeling too heavy, give it to God.

"Healing asks us to stop resenting the body for letting us down and instead invites us to remember it exists to protect, balance & deepen us."

If you are reading this, may you find the love within yourself to continue being strong and confident. Your time and energy is valuable, please be mindful of who and what you give it to. Remember to always pour into yourself and that you deserve the best that life has to offer. BELIEVE IT. Go look in that mirror and repeat self-love affirmations, meditate and heal, and pray for guidance and direction.