• Amber Le

Let's Talk Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing has been the trending topic for quite some time now but it shouldn't be just a popular trend, it should be apart of your lifestyle. During the pandemic, a lot of people suffered with their mental health and being alone or isolated from others until the government lifted curfews and bans. With the recent updates and precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Mary Love & I linked up for a podcast episode that is meant to help heal during quarantine.

Mary Love first spoke at one of Pain Into Power's (now The Beast Within) fundraisers that took place outside of Bentley's Restaurant & Lounge in Newark, NJ in August. We were raising money towards domestic violence awareness and had a bonding moment as all the ladies (& some men) showed out for a great cause. Survivors and supporters spoke about their stories and how they made it through the abuse while supporters spoke about how they witnessed certain situations and did not want to stand by and do nothing. When Mary took the mic, she informed us of how spiritual healing is so crucial along with clearing and protecting your energy through sage, crystals and chakras. Everybody was extremely engaged in what she was teaching so we decided it would be very helpful for a broader audience.

In this podcast episode, Turning Pain Into Power Through Spiritual Healing, we cover the basics as we define what it really means. We touch upon becoming more in tune with your higher self to bring yourself peace and enjoying time alone such as meditation, journaling and most importantly quiet time. Whether it's for a few minutes or an hour, make time for you and your needs to keep yourself stable mentally and emotionally. It's all about BALANCE! Being kinder to yourself when you self reflect and speak is also very vital to healing. You may be compelled to say negative things about yourself and even if you're joking, always keep in mind, your body and your soul does not know the difference. Take for instance the molecules of water, there are studies proving how water changes under its circumstances. I know it might sound crazy but get in the habit of talking to your water when you first drink it in the morning. Speak to it as if you are talking to yourself such as saying "You are beautiful. You are loved. You are going to have a great day." Watch how your attitude and energy vibrate higher. Mary recommends a book titled "The Miracle of Water" by Japanese author, Masaru Emoto. Take for example the image below:

Now let's talk about our chakras and how important it is to cater to each one, not only spiritual but physical. The 7 main chakras are the root, sacral, plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown and they are all related to your body. If one of your chakras is out of alignment, it will throw your whole vibration off so therefore you must tend to them. This is where self reflection plays a huge role in bringing you back to alignment. You can meditate or use crystals. Crystals are a certain color for a reason and they match with specific chakras. Below is the chart that Mary Love displayed. For more information, please visit her website to book her for readings and more.

Check out Turning Pain Into Power Through Spiritual Healing also available on Spotify and iHeart Radio.