• Amber Le

Survivors Share Their Stories For The First Time

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hey y'all. It's been a while. I took a slight step back because life really hit and it got real. Healing really is an up and down roller coaster and let's not forget the curveballs that keep getting thrown at us. Gratitude... is what has helped me through this rough patch. Thanking God everyday when I wake up and before every meal. It's easy to complain but somebody out there has it worse than you. Do you have food on the table? A roof over your head? Money in your account? Even when the going gets rough, you still have to fight your own self to get up everyday and not sulk in your sorrow. Every step counts, and on your journey of healing, every day is a different day. Some days you'll feel good and some days you don't. Some days you feel like you can conquer the world and some days you want to give up. BUT DON'T. That feeling is temporary. You're being too hard on yourself. Celebrate yourself more, toast to your accomplishments, treat yourself and your body right.

Every year, I try to record at least one domestic violence awareness episode. Somehow, some way - I'm not able to publish it due to circumstances out of my control. This year, I am proud to publish the most raw and real episode I'll ever put out in 2020. There's no filter, there's no limits and we will speak as we please. I share my survivor stories and encourage others to share theirs as acknowledgement of my freedom and life after. I don't do this for pity, I don't need anybody's sympathy and neither do my Survivor Sisters. Jasmine and Sammi have joined me in this conversation as we tell our truths. Please be advised this is a trigger warning.

Being able to morph all of my passions into one and birthing what was then Pain Into Power and is now The Beast Within has been the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic. I pour my heart and soul into this. I invested time, effort and money into this movement. Also understanding that I am still healing myself so although I am an advocate, I am also a human being. My mission revolves around God and allowing him to use my voice and my brand to encourage the healing of others. I talk to women of every age, in different stages of their lives every other day. What warms my heart is when women tell me their first time speaking out was with me. This episode, both guests of mine are apart of my Pain Into Power Sister Circle and both are sharing their stories for the very first time. I am so honored to be able to build a platform and create a movement for survivors everywhere. You are not alone. This wasn't meant to be an extremely emotional episode filled with tears. I wanted it to be a comfortable vibe for my guests and my listeners. We are moving forward with our lives. Keep going. Every step counts. Every inch is progress. I truly hope this (one of many) episode will help someone out there. This episode is brought to you by Asma Prep 2 Go, thank you for being the main meal prep program I have been using since I first started my fitness training since 2017.

If anybody is looking for assistance in finding shelter, please contact Town Clock CDC. Approximately 60 percent of homeless women are in their situation due to domestic violence. Also check out our interview with executive director, Susan Kramer-Mills.

xoxo, Amber

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