• Amber Le

Outgrowing Your Environment

Hello Beauties,

I hope everyone is doing well especially with spring knocking on our doors. I want everyone to get ready for the season of evolution and blossoming into your best self. Every year, I feel as though those who are actively working on themselves emotionally, physically and mentally are no longer who they used to be - rightfully so. Becoming the best version of yourself requires discipline and commitment and the more you evolve, the more you outgrow people, environments and other things that no longer serve you and your purpose. How do you expect the universe, your ancestors and God to commit to you when you can’t even commit to yourself and your goals? That’s a little backwards to demand such a thing, isn’t it? Right.

Throughout these last two months, I’ve had numerous women come to me recently and speak to me regarding their feelings of no longer resonating with certain friends or no longer feeling as though their environment is good for them and their growth which prompted me to address the topic. I am here to say that it’s alright to feel uncomfortable, discomfort breeds greatness. While you are healing and leveling up, the people that are holding you back with their judgments and doubts will begin to fall off. Think of it as shedding your old skin and coming into your new one. You should not feel bad leaving anyone behind because if they cared about themselves that much, they would try and keep up. I'm not talking about keeping up monetarily or anything materialistic but keeping up with their own growth. Some people are stuck in their ways but that doesn’t mean you should be too. You do not need to dim your light for others to shine. It is perfectly okay to put yourself first, find your peace and be completely happy where you are while still wanting better for yourself. It doesn’t mean you are ungrateful, it just means that you are moving forward.

I too have recently been feeling as though I need a change of scenery, maybe travel more or maybe I just need to move altogether. I have moved numerous times before being a rebel and realizing that my family was a little toxic and in order for me to truly embrace who I am, I had to find my own way. Being in a toxic environment will stunt your growth and block your blessings, this applies to all aspects of life whether it’s your living situation or your circle of friends. From being homeless to house hopping to renting apartments, I’ve done it all. This year though, I’m looking for something and somewhere more permanent and I refuse to settle on what it is I want.

As I look around at my furniture and my belongings, I get a little overwhelmed to start the process. Every time I had to pick up and relocate, I always had boxes of clothes and other items with the help of a few friends here and there. Luckily, I was informed of New Jersey Transport Inc. Moving Company. Shoving couches through doors along with other furniture, carrying them up and down the stairs isn’t what I would call fun. I may have burned a few calories but that’s what my fitness regimen is for. With the help of NJ Transport, it will be a lot easier. I’m ecstatic to use their services in the near future. Did I mention, they also have long distance service as well? Check out the information below if you’re looking to relocate any time soon!

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