• Amber Le

Pretty Pothead: Cyber Monday with The Bakery Genetics

"If a person can rebuild themselves after being destroyed and taking such a hard loss then they are truly dangerous."

Last season, I invited Nate Baker and Latina of The Bakery Genetics to join me on The Beast Within podcast and when I tell you, it was a very deep yet funny conversation, you would have to know the dynamic between the two partners to understand. They left such a huge imprint on not only my life but many others who tuned in as he told his story about surviving cancer through medicinal use of cannabis.

Since then, I've been able to help spread the word of their mission of healing and thriving after surviving one of the toughest obstacles a human being can survive and I say all of that to say this, we all go through our own rough patches, we all hit rock bottom but sometimes that needs to happen so we can shed our old skin and transform into our new one. The new version of us that is better, stronger & wiser, the version of us that is better equipped for the blessings that are about to come and truly stepping into your purpose. For the full episode, please take a listen here & don't forget to subscribe (available on Apple, Spotify and more).

The reason I've been advocating so much for the cannabis industry is because I whole heartedly believe in it's benefits especially being a #prettypothead myself. People have told me numerous times to trademark that term. The reason I put Pretty Pothead is so y'all know it's a post about marijuana (lol). Cannabis has helped me with my ADHD, anxiety and seasonal depression. And don't get me started on releasing the inner creative goddess in me. It's helped me in so many ways including my appetite. I HATED my weight and I hated my body, Mary Jane has helped improve my eating habits and just my life in general, more confidence, more calmness, more peace. I'm sure a lot of y'all can relate. Stay tuned, I promise I have some fire brewing for y'all.

We also have a major announcement for Cyber Monday! The Bakery Genetics is providing you with a deal that ONLY comes once a year and the sale ends tonight. With 85 different varieties to choose from and only 25USD per pack, we have something for every grower on your list. Enjoy huge savings of up to 70% OFF! Don't miss out. Contact Latina if you are interested in the extended Black Friday sale.