• Amber Le

Skin Care Is Self Care with Carissa

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

"Stay hydrated, wear your sunscreen & mind your business."

Reminiscing back to a few years ago when we attended Seton Hall University, Carissa and I sat down and caught up on what has been happening these past couple of years, ending the episode with make up and skin care tips, recommendations and how to properly care for your skin type. The conversation was so in-depth regarding how we both hopped into the media field and overcame so much bullshit... From the utmost supportive people to the most unsupportive doubters, both motivated us to do better. It was never about flexing on anybody, it was about chasing your dreams and pursuing your passion. This isn't a hobby; it never was and never will be. As I always like to say:

"If you throw bricks at me, I'm going to build a foundation with it. A lot of people overlook your talent and try to shame you because it's something they want to do but they don't have the balls to do it."

Let's continue on and get into the segment y'all have been anxiously waiting for since I announced I was going to be inviting a beauty guru on the show! I am such a huge advocate for the 3 step routine especially to start off your day and end off your night. What I like to do first thing in the morning is either put on meditation music or a podcast episode while I get myself ready for the gym or my training sessions which include (in no particular order) packing my gym bag, making sure I moisturize, maybe smoke a blunt and setting my intentions for the day (a planner definitely helps, either do it the night before or the morning of). Taking care of your skin has a part in catering to your mental health. If you look better, you feel better and you perform better. With that being said and done, Carissa has so many gems that she's dropped in this episode regarding not only career advice but skin care, make up and relationship tips.

For starters, you need to find out what type of skin you have. Is it oily? Dry? Normal? Then you purchase the necessary products and continue. Carissa emphasized on the proper 3 step skin care routine, what's required and what's recommended. The number one product is sunscreen, although the most important, it's applied last. First you wash your face with a cleanser, second step is applying serum or toner, the third step is putting on your moisturizer and then you seal the deal with your sunscreen. Two of her favorite brands to recommend are The Inkey List and The Ordinary, both are under $10 and can be found at Sephora.

Listen, I used to be one of those girls who neglected my skin. I would just wash my face and put on lotion and then go (which sadly, is more than what most do). But since I've been consistent with my Fenty Skin Care Routine, it's been doing something for my natural glow. It's hot af outside this summer (as it should be and as I love it to be) so when it comes to wearing makeup all the time, that's a dub for me. I just need my lashes, eyebrows and lipgloss with my fresh face. Who doesn't want to feel beautiful with or without makeup? And yes, I know a lot of y'all are like "Well don't lash extensions ruin your real lashes?" Respectfully, if your lash tech doesn't know what she's doing then just say that. I've been rocking with mine for years and she has always taken care of me. If you're in the Jersey area, check her out at @thebeautyeffectstudio. The BEST lash tech in the state, Kisha and let's not forget, she's added waxing to her services. "Do you love your lash extensions or do you love your lash tech?" HOW ABOUT BOTH?

Anyway, be sure to check out Carissa's episode where we emphasize in depth regarding just how important it is to take care of yourself in every single kind of way. Whether it's dreams, goals, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. We leave you with this, the more you love yourself, the easier it is to leave a toxic relationship because your standards get higher and you realize validation is poison. For your skin care or makeup consultation, please reach out to her with any questions on Instagram @radiocarissa. Check out the full episode on Apple or Spotify!