• Amber Le

Spiritually Purging & Weekend Affirmation

Happy Friday Goddesses!

Today’s Affirmation 🪬💗

Difficult paths can lead to the most beautiful destinations.

If you are currently experience heavy energy, please be kind with yourself as a lot of us are purging & releasing old emotions so we can step into the next chapter of our lives. Healing will not always be easy but please be assured that it will be worth it. You are transitioning into your new skin & shedding your old skin. Take a day this weekend to recharge & fill up your cup. Sometimes your blessings are delayed until you become the person God needs you to be to receive them. Certain blessings are only for YOU so don’t be surprised when God removes people from your life.

I have attached a link below that will clarify what it is that you may currently be experiencing.

12 Signs You Are Spiritually Purging

I hope you all have a great weekend. We will be touching base on chakra healing next week!

xoxo 💋