• Amber Le

Survivor Sister Brunch

As you all know, October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and although I wasn't active on here (I'm going to do better, I promise), I was active on social media and in real life. October is always heavy for me, not in a bad way but there's so many emotions to take in and some of them aren't even my own. If you're an empath then you understand exactly what I mean.

The Beast Within had the pleasure of hosting our annual Survivor Sister Brunch on Oct. 24th (yes I chose the 24th for a reason - Kobeee), where we celebrate another year of surviving and thriving. It was a private event and it was personal invite only. I posted up a poll, reels and other content and hand picked those who showed interest in our healing circle. It wasn't expected to be as emotional as it was as we all took turns telling our survival stories, many speaking out for the first time while others have dedicated their platforms to speaking out on a consistent basis. The experience was different from some of the others as I made sure that the setting was very intimate and closed off so nobody from the outside could listen in, creating a safe space. Shout to Bentleys Restaurant & Lounge in Newark for always being so accommodating and ensuring the privacy of our sisters (and brothers - let's just make a note that men go through abusive relationships too). We had bottomless mimosas going around and the food was absolutely delicious but most importantly, while we all had a great time mingling, it was the testimonies that created the ambiance of a "healing circle." The conversation was so moving that I extracted the audio and uploaded it to the podcast for everybody to have the option of listening. Share your story and save a life.

"We actively face our demons everyday and there's new ones that come everyday but the difference as to our growth and our healing is that there's a lot of people that will keep busy and not want to deal with that, not knowing that that's going to f*ck you up even more. You know what I'm saying? That's going to carry onto your relationships, friendships, with everything and everybody. Like yeah you can have sad b*tch days but don't stay there. Because you win by picking yourself up and loving yourself, giving yourself the love that you want for you. Your happiness doesn't come from another person. Your happiness doesn't come from your career. It comes from within, that god/goddess within you, that's where you have to pull that power out of."

The Beast Within would love to give a shout out to The Bakery Genetics for donating to our organization as we raise Domestic Violence Awareness with many more future projects/collaborations to come. Our current on is the Halloweed drop that just took place this Sunday. A little backstory on how The Bakery Genetics came to fruition, Nate Baker was a professional boxer who got diagnosed with lung cancer and he overcame it through "magic seeds." For more information, please be sure to check them out via Instagram - @thebakerygenetics & @thebakerygeneticslandingpage ! Don't forget, we also did a podcast episode with the company a while back. Click here to take a listen.