• Amber Le


Let's start with some positive energy and talk about why this year is going to be magical. With the blessing of God, our ancestors & the universe. According to numerology, 2022 is meant to be challenging but with better experience and results. John Siegel dissected the digits for us. The base number is 20 which carries an energy of "opposition from two contending forces with the challenge to find common ground. Yet, the higher spiritual message of the 20 is that we are in this together and not so separate."

The number 22 serves as a "master builder" emphasizing on building a strong foundation, base or structure (whatever it is that you want to call it). So expect to begin rebuilding, rebranding, refreshing what is yours if you haven't already. Rumor has it that the collective started slowly building around October 2021. For an even more deeper breakdown of the significance of the number 2022, please feel free to read about it further.

Balance, harmony and alignment seems to be the big 3 this year when it comes to our business and personal lives. Think big and put in the work towards that vision and it will come to life but just remember, you have to hold yourself accountable and spend time with God. Pay attention to detail and keep your life in check as to welcome in new blessings and opportunities. The hardest battle is with your ego so do your best to stay away from negative thoughts and ground yourself with positivity and build off that. You can do all the journaling, manifesting and affirming all you want but personally, I think it's rude to not pray and show gratitude. You mean to tell me you can ask, wish, hope and expect all these things from the universe but you can't take out the time to thank God and your ancestors?

Earlier this morning, I took some notes in my journal while attending the Free Ministry Prayer room (each and every Saturday at 10AM) and it really hit me. What does God want you to do? Really think about it... are you aligned within your purpose or are you lost and just out here? If you are unsure and need clarity, that should be your sign to spend more time talking to God about what fills your heart with passion. Everything God wants for you is at the end of the finish line but you have to know and trust that the finish line does exist and is waiting for you to cross it. Whenever you have a desire, it's not just a silly or impossible thought... it's there for a reason. God put that desire within you so now GO GET IT! Uncomfortable environments breed legends so what is your legacy going to be? The unknown is not easy but trusting God is.

May your 2022 be filled with blessings, love, abundance, prosperity & all that you desire. Remember that God knows exactly what you need when you need it. Be MAGICAL this year! New podcast episodes and blogs coming soon!