• Amber Le

Episode 1: Unleashing The Beast Within

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Guess who's back with a new podcast season! That's right - ME! I am so proud to launch this upcoming season of "The Beast Within" with you all! I'm super excited and I have been preparing for this day for quite some time now. I just had to get everything in order. You know they always say, you have to make sure your foundation is strong for anything to withstand the hardships. Instead of rushing to spit out new content for y'all, I've been taking more time to think about the intention behind every post, every episode, every event. I had to get myself right before I can help anybody else but this month just feels different. February was a little rough around the edges but March seems to be kicking off to a really good start. Fingers crossed.

February made me realize what I wanted for myself. Not with anybody else's needs included, ONLY MINE. If you want a different outcome, you have to think different and move different. I've been spending so much more time by myself and I've done a lot of self reflecting. What changes do I want to make? What changes do I have to make? How do I stop worrying about everyone else and focus on me? Once I came to that realization, God kept hitting me with creativity and now the vision is beginning to come to life. God will not bless you with what you think you want until you become the person He needs you to be.

In other words, I have to really get my shit together and the steps I've taken thus far... I'm really proud of myself for it. This relaunch and rebrand also felt like a rebirth. Like damn, you know how you can love something so much and have it taken away from you? I loved producing content and now I'm glad I am able to do it wherever I choose to, podcast studio or not - I got my own and I'ma make it WORK. In my very first episode of this podcast... I'm bringing you ME. Mistakes, flaws, insecurities - all of it. We're going to keep it funky up in this bitch. We're going to hold ourselves accountable since we can't control how others are. I have so much to learn and the women I've invited onto this season has taught me something valuable and I admire them all so very much. I'm being super transparent while bringing you the resources to invest in yourself and I'm not just talking monetarily, I'm talking about loving yourself more and doubting yourself less.