• Amber Le

Why Self-Care & Home-Care Is Important To Your Growth!

Remember last month when I told you about outgrowing your environment? Well let’s talk about stability once you finally find a permanent place you want to call home. The older I get, the more I just want peace, consistency and stability. Once you finally find a place you can call your peace, you have to maintain it. You have to make sure that home is your safe haven. From everything to interior decor to gardening, you still need to be able to grow without being a nomad all the time. It’s great to explore new places and things but it’s also important to have a place you feel comfortable and vulnerable to recharge, to isolate if need be, to continue growing and self reflecting. It’s meant to be a place where you can be by yourself without the pressure and distractions of the outside world.

I’ve had my fair share of couch hopping, sleeping on the floor, being homeless and sleeping in my car so I’m here to tell you that I am extremely grateful to have a roof over my head and that I will never take for granted and what happens next, I’m not sure where I will end up but I know that God got me. No matter what. Let’s talk about self care, the way women and men maintain themselves with getting our hair done, getting our nails and toes done, eyelashes, make up, skin care, working out, all that good stuff that’s expensive but as women, our beauty bill is worth it to us because when you look good, you feel good. Think of how every man feels after a haircut and a shape up, there’s memes all over social media commenting on feeling themselves. And women, I don’t even know where to start the amount of memes that have something to say about our lashes and nails, etc. It’s like another level of you has been activated so why would you not do the same for your home especially if you’re planning on owning it?

Image: Onorato Landscaping LLC

Last month we set ourselves up to move into a different environment. Well this month we’re going to make it a goal to ensure our houses are in order through landscaping, keeping the plants looking fresh, the lawn consistently kept, flowers blooming pretty ! It helps so much with your mental state. By the way, while we’re on this topic, for those of you looking for landscaping and are located in Bergen County, please visit Onorato Landscaping, LLC for all your self care, house care needs. If you are looking to make the entrance to your property a pretty sight to see, you’ll want some pavers to make a statement. This business installs Paver driveways in Bergen County and that makes a strong impressions with your neighbors.They use only interlocking driveway pavers that come with a lifetime warranty for structural integrity!

The reason I am making such an emphasis on self care lately and outgrowing what no longer serves you is because I am going through it in more ways than one. Between having to leave people behind and distancing myself from others, I’ve learned that my self care, whatever it may be is important for my growth. I have outgrown many people and although I want the ones who started with me to finish with me, that’s rarely ever the case, only a few are solid. Ask me how I know. Hand in hand, self care allows self growth. Grounding yourself in the morning and tuning into YOURSELF before you pick up your phone and check social media. I’m still working on not checking my emails before I do my morning routine which is turning on a podcast episode that I feel resonates with me that day, going through all 3 steps of the Fenty Skin Care (if you have yet to have a skin care routine, tune in next week for the beauty guru episode) and then hitting the gym. Sometimes, that’s what triggers my anxiety. I didn’t prepare myself for the day. Have I went through the motions of what I know sets me off to a good start, my reactions would have been different given that I grounded myself first thing so nothing can knock me. I established my foundation.

The most important thing you can do is spend time with yourself, get to know yourself as you’re becoming a better person everyday. Take care of your responsibilities and stop putting yourself in toxic situations by not putting yourself first. Take a deep breath and thank God for what you have. Take time out for you, focus on you, take care of you, LOVE YOU! The same goes for your home, I know depression sometimes whoops our asses but remind yourself that you cannot welcome in new blessings if you don’t get rid of what no longer serves you.


Amber Le