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This page is dedicated to Men's Mental Health with interviews from Eric LeGrand, Jay Bromley, Amadeus and Quinelle Holder. There is more content coming soon so stay tuned! 

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The importance of Men's Mental Health and breaking the stigma that men are not allowed to have emotions or they are considered "soft."

Eric LeGrand

"How you handle it ultimately defines you, taking it face on and not running away from it because when we tend to put things off that we're dealing with and struggling with - it consumes your mind and it messes you up. When something goes bad or it's something that I need to handle in my life, it consumes me. I'm always thinking about it, it's always in the back of my mind. Something good can happen but if I didn't handle that situation, it's still in the back of my mind. So I try and tell people - handle it face on and always realize too, no matter how bad your situation may be, someone always has it worse."


"We have the opportunity to dream and I feel deep down inside, those dreams are God giving us visions... We've all been blessed in so many ways. We've all been gifted in many ways to do different things. There's things that I can't do that you can do and there's things that you can't do that I can do. That's the gift. There's one Amadeus and there's one Amber. Someone else can have the name, someone else can spell it the same way... There's only one and that's the gift, that's the superpower that each and every single one of us have. You have to tap into that."

Jay Bromley

"Life doesn't necessarily get easier, you just have to adapt to the circumstances. Happiness is based on what's happening, happiness goes from one thing to another but joy is something that's eternal. Joy can only come from an understanding that life is bigger than what you see and life isn't just about what's happening. That's where faith comes in, faith in God, faith in something bigger than yourself because if it's all about you or it's all about your job - the moment you lose it, you're down the drain. There's nothing that's going to bring you back because there's nothing holding you to life."

Quinelle Holder

"If I hit you up and you're mad at me or whatever because I had whatever then don't work with me... You don't understand the level of stress and pressure I have and honestly you don't care and I get that. But you have to understand that when I don't respond as quickly or I don't do this or that, it's because I'm protecting my mental health. It's me versus 15-20 (clients), plus husband Q, plus father Q, plus brother Q, plus friend Q."